Today’s Radio Show with Lisa Davis Available for Listening; In Memory of Paul Epstein MD; New Article in Tikkun OnLine

I was honored to have a 21 minute segment recorded on Lisa Davis’s Show–Its Your Health–and to commence a new friendship with her. I hope you are pleased with your listen.

I was shocked to learn that my dear friend of 45 years Paul Epstein MD died recently of lymphoma. Paul was a remarkable physician, healer, social activist, political and environmental theoretician, and a truly wonderful being in an original form. We first met in 1966 in the anti-war and student health movements, and worked together in the wilds of northern New Mexico as physicians in support of the Tierra o Muerte movement of the Tijerina brothers et al. Paul and his lifelong partner Andy devoted themselves to the people of Mozambique in the worst of times during that bloody civil war, risking their own lives. Paul has more recently published extensively on ecology from his well earned position at Harvard. His loss is at 67 is grievous to all our lives and aspirations. Blessings and love to Andy, their two children, family and their circle of friends. I remember you Paul with deep love, respect and admiration.

Finally, I am pleased to refer you to my just published piece on the Middle East and Che at:

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