To purchase a copy of “Noe,” I encourage you to use one of the following retailers. I hope you’ll join me in supporting independent bookstores; the Indie Store Finder at indiebound.com is a great place to start.

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  1. Dear Phil,
    How beautifully written and what a connection for all who take
    the time read and understand this journey of yours ! It’s is so helpful in myriad ways.
    What a good looking boy Noe was and such a strong virile resemblance to you Phil. You must feel very very proud of yourself, an to know that you have helped and will continue to help all of those who have gone there with you and will go there in the future . I can only imagine what a wonderful albeit sorrowful feeling it must be to guide others as well as keep them such good company through out one of the most painful ordeals any parent must endure. ( Personally I have been through 2 of my very vey close friends losing their young children to insidious cancers ( our children being born together) so that I have experienced this as close as one can get )
    Your an accomplished writer . My applause to you and your extremely well written very special book .
    Respectfully ,

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