Noe #2–Heading to Galleys and PR decisions

The back cover is complete and Noe moves to galleys. The blurbs of Catherine Ingram and Rabbi Michael Lerner grace the back of Noe along with North Atlantic Books editor Elizabeth Kennedy’s book description. Of the eight blurbs I gratefully received, those of Jerry Jampolsky, Judy Norsegian, Ralph Metzner, Lew Carlino and Ann and Sasha Shulgin give praise and enticement to read in the inside of the book. Noe moves closer to print (not to mention Kindle).

This week coming I will make a decision on hiring a PR firm for Noe. Thus far I have focused my efforts—with my dear friend and community expert, Walter Thompson—on getting up and running in the social media world—more to come. Eric is working on our videos—1 minute and 2 to 3 minute versions—we filmed last week. Following the advice and teaching of the NAB publisher Richard Grossinger, I am leaning toward a success-based format focusing on reviews and talk-shows. Apparently in this new publishing world, book tours are not particularly propitious. I will be doing local shows and if warranted some other cities. Bitter, negative stories of PR experiences—spending beaucoup for little benefit—are the rule. So, I am embracing my mentor’s suggestions.

For those of you interested in an education on PR in this changing environment for books I suggest Chapter 14 of Richard’s online narrative on publishing. Thanks for your interest in Noe.

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